What you are looking for is not out there.
It is within you.
Helen Keller

Business Retreat Clients

A pot of gold - An inspiring combination of intensely engaging presentation, beautiful true stories and real life experiences. There are no false or commercial elements to AwarenessChange, just thinking, feeling and giving time to consider all that we never have time to in our busy and demanding professional lives. I strongly recommend this opportunity to anyone who wishes to improve and enhance performance and wellbeing for themselves and for their teams. What is learned here will stay with you for ever.

Julie Tidbury - Project Manager, West Sussex Commissioning Team for Mental Health

Immensely powerful; The visible difference in everyone at the end of John’s day with us was absolutely apparent. AwarenessChange isn’t about getting more out of your team but instead about them becoming centred, grounded and fulfilled. These outcomes inevitably mean individuals are more productive and happier, bringing a working environment of wellbeing. They finally feel valued in that you’re investing in them as an individual and not a work machine, which is deeply powerful and truly motivational. This is the way forward for us and will be the future!

Natalie Montagnani - Director, Page Marketing

“AwarenessChange blew my mind. I was amazed at how John’s framework enabled me to feel safe, secure and comfortable enough to share some of my deepest moments in life. AwarenessChange is absolutely incredible and is a testament to John’s passion: to help people discover themselves.

Ollie Aplin - Founder of MindJournal

A moving and thought provoking day. I was powerfully affected by the trust and openness John enabled in all delegates.

John Badcock - Systemic Psychotherapist for Brighton&Hove

There are certain experiences that cannot be adequately summarised with words. Nonetheless, I will try. With a deft understanding of what it means to be human, John enables his delegates to honestly look inside themselves and to bravely explore what they find there. Through this simple yet sorely overlooked method, a collective togetherness is fostered, nurtured and brought to the fore. I walked away feeling as though I and uncovered a gentle incline of kindness ahead of me. It was a rather glorious revelation.

Tom Jayston - Writer, Therapist & Rehabilitation Practitioner

John offers a rare but invaluable gift with a quality which is hard to describe without sounding sycophantic. The environment of safety and wisdom his work provides was an intense catalyst for lasting change and sustainable growth in me and in the lives of those around me who are affected by me day by day, whether I like it or not.
I can say that my life, marriage and my performance at work have been able to thrive as a direct result.

Benedict Atkins - Vicar & Communities Leader, London

As a course leader, John Richards is like a dog with a bone – and I mean that in a good way. He’ll ask you the questions you don’t want to answer in a way that makes them impossible to duck. You'll realise that unless you do answer them, you’ll aways be lacking in awareness and always be afraid of change. Both of those things are big hinderances at work and even bigger ones in life.

Jim Pollard - Author, Health Journalist & Editor of Mens Health Forum

John’s work is enormously insightful, perceptive and highly sensitive. He is an extremely effective leader and facilitator, because he has a natural ability to organically draw out from you your own unconscious 'unknown knowns' and help you creatively formulate them into concepts and ideas that urge you gently forward. In that way, you feel totally empowered and in control.

Jessica Cotton - Psychodynamic Therapist & Mental Health Services Co-ordinator

Superb. The approach is simple, but highly revealing - by allowing yourself time to reflect you reach genuine revelations, and John facilitated brilliantly.

Vickie Grantham - Co-Director of TMG

A highly revealing journey into what makes each of us tick. A mix of compelling stories and thought provoking questions that allow participants to question parts of their character that might have seemed off limits or previously unaccessible. John skilfully establishes a safe environment where revealing and listening to highly personal information feels natural and liberating. I left with a clear sense of who I am, what made me this way and a renewed focus to live a life that strives to give back more than it takes.

Dougal Fleming, Director, Rewilding Adventure

I work in a rewarding, but highly challenging and stressful target driven sales and business environment. John’s key talent is his ability to cut to the heart of a personal or professional challenge and then evaluate it to breakdown the core fundamentals. His excellence allowed me to become more successful and effective in my professional role and developed me to be a better husband and father at home.

Mark Card, UK Sales Manager

A powerful and thought provoking experience that gave me a rare opportunity for reflection and self-appraisal.

Mark Greening, Commissioning Team for Health & Social Care, West Sussex

Beautiful to see and rather rare. John seemed to have the ability to allow everyone to feel so secure and able to express themselves with respect and dignity.

Sandra Crathern, NLP Master Practitioner & Director of Innavision

AwarenessChange was a perfect mix of safety, dynamics and space. For me, it has made me deeply consider my own position in life and how further I can make inroads into understanding my relationships with my loved ones and with the people I work with.

Mark Phillips, The Raystede Foundation

1:1 Awareness Clients

John sees everything in you. From a completely negative and self-critical mindset to realising my true potential he gently has helped me to finally understand and then actually love something that I had never even known existed: the REAL me.

Melissa, Senior Sales Executive

John is just a unique force. As a result of his work, I found myself questioning, exploring, listening and celebrating every aspect of my life and psyche. John has allowed me to understand not only who I am but how I can treat each day, each person I meet and each situation with grace and true understanding.

Julie, County Commissioning Team for Mental Health & Families

When I began working with John, I had no idea what to expect and was extremely apprehensive. Almost immediately John’s rare gifting combined with his incredible gentleness made the process easy and enabled me to press on. I was astonished at John’s extraordinary discernment. He can just see instantly what is unseen within you. He asked me questions about myself and background that I had never even considered and what seemed like a simple question steered me toward something I had previously thought totally irrelevant but actually had life changing importance. I trusted in John and he has helped me to see the world and most importantly myself, in a radically different way.

George, Writer & Personal Trainer

I began working with John in 2011 at a time in my life when several highly stressful and emotional factors were having a negative impact and I was willing to try anything despite harbouring deep skepticism. My doubts were soon forgotten as I found John to be incredibly insightful while making me feel completely safe and at ease. John’s gift is that he is able to discern and understand where your root issues lie. He helped me to completely shift perspective and view my situation in a new light. My life is unrecognisable compared to where I was and John remains my trusted advisor and sounding board on both personal and professional issues.

Rich, LifeCoach and Artist

I met John several years after having suffered a severe breakdown at work, and having tried a number of therapeutic interventions, medications and different options. John has a unique and remarkable capacity to completely focus on you as an individual and see everything; asking deeply revealing questions and thereby conveying things to you about yourself that strongly challenge and transform your own perspective. It has been sometimes hard and painful, but it is my privilege and to my great personal benefit that John has been my trusted mentor and friend. I am dramatically different.

Keith, International Teacher

I started working with John at a time in my life when I felt under tremendous stress and challenge. John’s deep understanding and his ability to understand the root of all of my issues has enabled me to see things in a completely new light. John is the real deal. I can completely trust him in matters both personal and professional.

Gary, Actor and Producer

John has a fantastic talent for cutting to the heart of your personal challenges and helping you face your demons. He then gives you the confidence and tools to overcome, and enables you to finally become the real you.

Mark, Senior Sales Executive

2016/2017 Partners

Neil Laughton is a former Royal Marine Commando and Special Forces Officer turned entrepreneur. He founded a group of company's which grew to £40m turnover and was then sold to a FTSE 100 company in 2011. Neil has led numerous expeditions on 7 Continents - by land, sea and air. He summited Mt Everest with Bear Grylls, circumnavigated the UK on a jet ski and piloted a flying car across the Sahara Desert. Neil is now a full time business consultant, leadership coach and team trainer. He is a recipient of the Ness Award for “inspirational leadership” from the Royal Geographical Society and works with numerous clients around the world including Virgin Atlantic and BP. In 2017/18 Neil will be partnering John to deliver a series of exclusive retreats around the globe combining adventure, conservation, business focus and personal development (www.adventure-retreats.com).


Angus Wingfield is the founder and director of Africa Wild Trails and has been working with a range of African partner organisations to oversee expeditionary trips to the continent for many years. He is an expert in Anti-Poaching, Wildlife, Conservation and Bushcraft. Angus has worked extensively with the military, young people’s organisations and with clients from around the world as a SCUBA instructor, wildlife consultant and expedition leader. In 2017/18 Angus will be partnering John to host a series of exclusive retreats around the globe combining adventure, conservation, business focus and personal development (www.adventure-retreats.com).